About us
Our vision: Our goal is to create fun, interesting and sometimes educative applications and games for everyone. The main aim is to give the player a moment of happiness when he or she is playing one of our games. Therefore, we think it is vitally important that players express their opinion about our games! At least, we hope that you enjoy them as much as we do!

History: The roots of the Dutch game company PeliStar date back from 2009 when it was founded by Dennis van Duin and was named DvDtv Games. From 2009 until 2013, many different games were created for the computer. Unfortunately, the quality of most games wasn’t very high.

In the summer holiday of 2013, DvDtv Games made a restart and the owner started to cooperate with another programmer, Massimo Achterberg. Together the long-term goal was determined: creating Android games and applications.
Within a couple of months, the first Android game was released in the Google Play Store. Its name is Strategic Blocks and it was published on 2013-11-03. Hereafter, almost half a year later, the second mayor title, Alien Flight, was published on 2014-07-19.
On 2014-11-03, the old name DvDtv Games was abandoned and the current name PeliStar was introduced. Also, all games and applications became available for Windows Phone.

Team members
Dennis van Duin: (Director) He is the founder of PeliStar. He’s the main designer and takes up most of the art work. Furthermore, he is one of the programmers and brings in many good ideas.

Massimo Achterberg: (Co-Director) He joined the company in 2013. He’s taking up a large part of the programming work. He also tests the apps extensively and translates everything.

Tristan Nottelman: (Programmer) He joined the company in April 2015. He’s mainly focussing on programming, but he’s executing other important tasks too like cross-platform compatibility and marketing.

Ogen Welcome to the website of PeliStar.

This website includes information about our recent games and applications, as well as information about our team and a contact list. Just look around for yourself!