Creating games
Do you have an astonishing idea for an app or game but you don’t have the time/program to make it? PeliStar is offering you to build your app or program for a decent price!

PeliStar offers you:
  • Crossplatform compatibility with Windows, Android, Windows Phone and possibly other platforms.
  • Low prices for all games and apps! You can already have an app for only €25!
  • An awesome app or program with matching graphics.
  • Beforehand a non-binding request and then you may decide if we start to work upon the project.

You can request an app/program via the form below. Please be so kind as to fill in the form as completely as possible. We will try to connect you within a week where we will present you our ideas about the app/program and we will present a cost overview as well as an expected duration of the project. When the project has been accepted by the customers, half of the agreed amount of money will be payed at the start of the project. After finishing the project, the other half has to be paid.

Ogen Welcome to the website of PeliStar.

This website includes information about our recent games and applications, as well as information about our team and a contact list. Just look around for yourself!