Double Touch
Can you find the two same coloured squares as fast as possible?

Do you love quick reaction games? Then play Double Touch now! In this game, you need to press on as quickly as possible on two squares of the same colour. This may sound easy, but dont forget the time pressure and the five different powerups! Accept the challenge and beat all your Google+ friends via Google Play Games or the normal online highscores!

Alien Flight!
Aliens are rising from death. And this one needs your help!

The creators of Strategic Blocks present Alien Flight. Drag, dodge and save the alien before he smashes into a meteorite! Pick up some cool powerups on your way to gain more points or to protect yourself.

Get an as high as possible score and become no. 1 on the worldwide highscore. Then there are 9 challenging achievements to achieve!

Strategic Blocks
Have you always loved solving puzzles? Do you have a perfect spatial awareness? Have you become bored today?

Then this game really appeals to you! We proudly present Strategic Blocks. A brand-new strategic game where you must lead the yellow square. Use all obstacles in a way to solve the level. Can you solve all levels?

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