Privacy Policy & Disclaimer
PeliStar takes your privacy very seriously. By using or any of our applications, you are bound to this privacy policy & disclaimer. It can be changed whenever we consider it is necessary to do so. We try to update the privacy policy & disclaimer as little as possible, so nuisance is reduced to a minimum. Read the privacy policy & disclaimer therefore carefully. If you experience any nuisance with any of the articles listed, please contact us! Last modified: 2015/07/03.

The following articles are listed within this privacy policy & disclaimer:
1. PeliStar takes your privacy seriously and will therefore never share your personal data by any means of communication, unless we are obliged to by any governmental institution.
2. You are not allowed to copy, duplicate and/or remake any content written or published on or any software or applications we own. The copyright of all items belong to PeliStar, unless a written approval is given by PeliStar.
3. We are not responsible for any direct or indirect loss of privacy by the advertisement system or Facebook application implemented in our applications or website.
4. You cannot derive any rights from information published on or any other communication method of which we are owner or co-owner. If you experience any nuisance concerning this article, please contact us. With your assistance, we can improve our website and other services.
5. You cannot derive any rights from your purchase in any of our applications as well as In App Purchases in any of our applications. Once you have purchased anything, this purchase will remain valid until you swap your device.
5.1 Google Play Store. Within the first two hours after your purchase, your purchase can be undone. See Googles documentation on Google Play for more information for a quick cashback. When the two hours have passed, its not possible to refund your purchase unless you supply a valid reason, including data and time of purchase, to contact.
5.2 Windows Phone Store. Its not possible to get a refund for a purchase for the Windows Phone Store, unless you supply a valid reason, including date and time of purchase, to our mail address.
5.3 Steam. You can refund a purchase on Steam within fourteen days after the payment was made. See Steams page about refunding for more information: Steam. After this period has passed, it is not possible at all to refund your purchase.
5.4 Kongregate. It is not possible to refund your purchase in any way on Kongregate. See Kongregate for more information.
6. You cannot get back any money that you donated to PeliStar in any way.
7. All data collected by PeliStar in our applications and by our website is only stored when absolutely necessary or if the user agrees to do so.
7.1 Applications build by PeliStar store name, settings and progress on your phone only. Switching your device means all your progress will be lost. This cannot be undone.
7.2 Online highscores and/or other rankings are saved in an online database. All data is saved securely so risks are reduced as far as possible. Data in the online database will continue to exist forever and cannot be removed, unless valid reasons are supplied to PeliStar to our mail address.

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